At Your Motor Club our aim is to provide you with a safe, well equipped and secure environment for you to carry out vehicle maintenance, restoration and storage of your car or project. We know that it is a great way to save money on garage bills by carrying out repairs and servicing yourself, this is your chance to progress that project you dream of finishing.

We provide you with the opportunity to hire equipped workshop bays, not only this but you will have access to specialist equipment saving you the added expense. At Your Motor Club we want to provide you the best car garage hire in Plymouth! In this day and age, we are aware of the importance of having an internet connection as frequently as possible so that’s why we offer free Wi-Fi! There’s also an onsite comfortable crew room where you can take some time to relax and grab yourself a drink when you’re in need of taking a break from your hard efforts.

When using our car garage hire in Plymouth, our bays can be equipped with or without a 4000kg 2 pillar lift. We offer our workshop bays on a half or full daily hire rate. Each of the bays comes with a basic tool kit, workbench and vice, and light stands. We also provide a parts cleaner, oil/fluid drainers and 10 ton press. Subject to availability there are specialist tools and support equipment which can be used.

Your Motor Club doesn’t only just offer workshop bay hire! We also offer you a safe place to store your car or project securely, 24 hour CCTV protected. If you’re in need of vehicle storage in Plymouth, we really are the guys to go to! There are several packages on offer, tailoring to your personal needs. Our packages include monthly inspections, engine run ups, battery trickle charge etc. Our prices start at just £100 per calendar month, paid in advance. Whether your plans are restoration or you’re working on building a kit car, there’s always the option to book a maintenance bay (at an additional cost) as needed, for you to have the space to work on your project.

All you need to do now is become a member of Your Motor Club to start accessing the great services we can offer you. The sooner you become a member with us, the sooner you can book out one of our workshop bays and get cracking on some hard work.