Bay with Jack/Axle Stands

£30.00 4 hours

  • Please call in advance or fill in the form at checkout to reserve tools for your session. To book multiple days, add each day to the cart individually.


What's included?

The maintenance bay contains:

  • 2.5t low profile trolley jack.
  • 4 x 4t axle stands.
  • Workbench with vice.
  • Seat.
  • Work light.
  • Extension reel.
  • Tool/parts tote.
  • Blue workshop roll.

You will also have access to a tool trolley with:

  • 1/4 metric socket set.
  • 3/8 metric socket set.
  • 1/2 metric impact socket set.
  • 1/2 battery impact gun.
  • Ratchet combination spanners.
  • Male and female torx sockets.
  • Allen sockets.
  • Screwdriver set.
  • Plier, cutter set.
  • Hammer, chisels and punches.
  • Wire brush.

Communal equipment

  • 10T press.
  • Parts washer.
  • Oil drainers.
  • Drip trays.
  • Oil filter removal tools.
  • Funnels.
  • Brake hose clamps.
  • Flare nut spanners.
  • Brake calliper wind back tools and pad spreaders.
  • Brake pipe flaring and bending tools.
  • Brake bleeders.
  • Clutch alignment tool.
  • Suspension spring compressor.
  • Suspension strut socket kit.
  • Ball joint splitters.
  • Bearing puller and press kits.
  • Exhaust support stands.
  • O2 sensor socket kit.
  • Flywheel turner.
  • Engine vacuum, compression and leak down tester.
  • OBD2 diagnostic code reader.
  • Engine crane, lift beam and stands.
  • Gearbox lift jack.
  • Multi meter.
  • Wiring strippers and crimping tools.

All tools subject to availability.  Call in advance to confirm and reserve for your session.  Feel free to bring your own tools but you are responsible for them and we take no responsibility for loss or damage of personal possessions.  You will need to bring any lubricants, greases and penetrating fluids.